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About Our Company

The whole idea of prison cards got started while I was locked up and my mom mentioned how hard it was to find a card for me being in that situation. That she would read card after card and there was never anything she really wanted to send. I guess it makes sense that the people sitting in their corporate offices at hallmark wouldn't take into consideration the huge number of people incarcerated throughout the United States, let alone the world. These people appreciate and love getting cards and mail more then most. It's one of the very few forms of communication with the outside world beyond the bars. It puts a smile on their face knowing someone they love was thinking of them. I know for me personally I would've loved getting a card that related to what I was going through. Something to lift my spirits or help get me thorugh the day. Maybe just some words that hit home and made me think.

While in jail I started putting together ideas. Thinking about what family's and friends would want to say, send and feel. What we would want to get and also relate with. I knew there was no other situation I could've been in that would give me this perspective. This was personal. With every card I come up with I know all to well how it feels to be on the other side of those walls. How real it is. I know what I put my own family through. That doing time is just as tough for those on the outside doing it with you. Hard to find the right words to say and way to express yourself. I wanted to create cards that would help bridge the gap. Cards that you could read and think to yourself "this is perfect" or "they'll love this." Cards with feeling, meaning and understanding. Not just another generic card.